Hannah Dykstra

Artist, illustrator, and teacher. She is currently working on a graphic novel about the composer Dmitri Shostakovich and his experience in Stalinist Russia. The book explores censorship, authenticity, and the connection between public and private ways of being. Hannah is the programming and communications manager at Art on Sedgwick.


In this exhibition, each piece is a print pulled from my comic strips, but of context and self-consciously layered. The prints come in very different iterations than the narrative of a comic, and their static repetition cuts the narrative to a few slow moments. The view is often voyeuristic – a stolen look into the subjects’ private world. Along side, there is the carefully curated image of a man in the public eye.


Newspaper Zine

My comics themselves live in the newspaper (as do many of the best comics!). The comic strips are created directly in reaction to my visit to Russia or personal experience with his music. A preview of the graphic novel is included. Keep tuned for more information on the progress of the book.

– Hannah Dykstra

Making this book has entailed finding photos and material in Moscow’s Shostakovich Archive, exploring the city of Saint Petersburg, and years of research. Keep an eye out for the finished book and more publications.

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