What do we do?

Art on Sedgwick’s mission is to catalyze connection and equity through art in Old Town’s Sedgwick Corridor. We focus our practice on community art projects and events, engaging neighbors of all ages and backgrounds.

The Kite Project

In Chicago, a little art studio bridges a great divide

Article by Martha Irvine of the Associated Press

“CHICAGO (AP) — The sixth-graders, from very opposite sides of the street, sat in pairs, a list of questions before them: “What do you dream about?” ″Do you think about dying?” ″Are you scared?”

Their task, at once easy and awkward, was to learn about one another — and differences surfaced quickly…

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One African-American boy from a public school pulled up a pant leg to reveal where a bullet had pierced his calf in a wrong-place, wrong-time shooting. His partner, a white boy who attends a private school and lives three blocks yet worlds away, was shocked, then saddened.

The 40 or so children who’d gathered found common ground, too: a love of family, sports, animals and video games, a wish to one day succeed.“I dream about having a big dog and a big, giant house.”

″… that I’ll get into college and get good grades.”

″… that I’ll always have my friends.”

Charlie Branda walked around quietly and listened. This is what she’d had in mind when she opened a small art studio on Chicago’s Sedgwick Street, smack in the middle of a great divide.”


2020 & Ongoing Work

All artworks, public art, and Events


  • Marshall Field Garden Community Center
  • Lookingglass Theatre
  • Edgar Miller Legacy
  • Art Design Chicago
  • Madron Gallery of Fine Art
  • Wells Street Art Festival
  • Dance Peace

School Collaborators

  • Manierre Elementary School
  • Catherine Cook School
  • Franklin Fine Arts Center
  • Walter Payton High School

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