Connecting the community through embroidering together
the dreams and drawings of young children

Neighborhood quilting project with artist Rosalia Scholle and neighbors



Stitch Together is a quilting project that drew members of the community together to celebrate the dreams and creative spirit of young children through embroidery. Art on Sedgwick gathered self portraits and artist statements from young children at several local schools for the project. As community members stitched their drawings and dreams into the fabric of a community quilt, they enjoyed the company of neighbors – and the creative wisdom and insight of Rosalia Scholle. The final project was displayed at Art on Sedgwick’s annual “Faces & Places” Neighborhood Art Exhibit.


Art on Sedgwick “Faces & Places” Art Exhibit

Mintel Chicago Artist Highlight



currently On Display

Marshall Field Garden Apartments Community Center

About The Artist – Rosalia Scholle

Rosalia earned her Master’s Degree in Reading Instruction from Roosevelt University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education from Northeastern University. In over twenty years of service to Lincoln Park Cooperative Nursery School, Rosalia has influenced the development of many children and their parents.