Pick at least 1 of these
  1. Something that makes you happy
  2. Something that you’re hoping for
  3. Something that happened that should be remembered
Create 2 drawings inspired by these on a half sheet of paper.

These should have repeated patterns in the background – use these as an inspiration

Sketch & Planning

1 – Cut your transparency paper in half

2 – Trace the outline of both sides of the transparency paper into your sketchbook


3 – Draw your image/symbol first, then create repeated patterns on top and behind


5 – Feel free to keep adding more symbols and patterns on both sides

Transfer Sketch to Transparency

1 – Put the transparency paper on both sides and tape the top and bottom with blue tape so it doesn’t move around


2 – Use a sharpie to trace over the sketch onto your transparency paper


3 – Take off the transparency paper and place it on top of a blank sheet


Start adding Color

1 – Make sure you flip your transparency so you’re adding color to the opposite side you put the sharpie on


2 – Add color in long strokes. To mix colors: while the colors haven’t dried, add the two you want, start adding dots of the darker into the light. Use the lighter color to smooth them together.


Glue Transparencies to the Window

1 – position the colored transparencies in the window to see if there’s any uncolored portions


2 – If a color looks too thin, flip the transparency over and add more color to the uncolored side. Do the same for the sharpie – that is the color most likely to need a second coat on the opposite side.


3 – Put a circle of glue on the outside of the windows, then fix the transparencies onto it


4 – Add another outline of craft glue and fold the top down over it.

5 –