Art + Impact Online

While everyone is learning to navigate this temporary new reality, we want to provide an opportunity for you to keep learning, exploring, and communicating with your ASM family! This is an important and uncertain time for all of us — and it’s more important than ever that we keep creating. Below, you will find some project ideas, videos, and content you can use to keep building your skills until we’re cleared to meet again.

Current Project

PART A – Lookingglass Podcast

Listen to the Lookingglass podcast

Answer the following questions

  1. Which part stood out to you?
  2. How much were you familiar with the issues of the play before you watched it? If you didn’t get a chance to watch it, what new things did you learn from this podcast?

PART B – Make your Final Work

You should be getting a text message from Erica or me in the next couple of days. The projects you will be assigned will be one of these 3 things:

  1. An interview project (where Erica interviews you, or you interview someone else)
  2. A family portrait (where you continue the family portrait project)
  3. The background to the mural (where you create a panel to commemorate someone who has a message to society but was crucified for telling it – think of Martin Luther King, Anne Frank, and Ghandi, but in our time.)
Art on Sedgwick & Lookingglass Core Interview Questions If you’re still working on your interviews, these are the questions we came up with together in class.

Personal Manifesto Part 1






Personal Manifesto – Part 2