Exhibit featuring local artists
with spoken word and friendly neighbors

with artists Lindsey Bates and Eric Formato


About The Artists

Lindsey Bates | I have always appreciated how art can express, transform, and release.  I’ve been drawn to art in its various forms since childhood. 

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Whether it was Minnie Ripleton during Saturday morning cleaning, watching Ozone and Turbo break, or drawing out hand made Winnie the Pooh character cut outs. Chicago is the foundation of my artistic career.  Here is where I learned about graffiti, Picasso, Frida, Abstract, Sculptures, Masks, Medial Ages, Installations, movies in the park, and music festivals. Oh such more I can mention about the artistic culture of this world class city.

The inspiration is in abundance here. That abundance has lead to being invited to display at Citi Bank Black History Lunch in, Just Jackie Webseries, South Side Community Art Center Community Art, guest on Teen Talk Radio, Intelligential Radio, Lisa and Daryl TV show, Elephant Room Gallery, Marwen Institute, Better Boys Foundation, Donald L. Morrill Elementary, Grand Ballroom, Van Sherrod Gallery, Artistic Jeanius, Gallery Swarm, Blue Star Bistro, Beverly Art Center, KIPP Lead, Douglas Park Field House, Edgewater Artist in Motion, Lacuna Lofts, One Heart One Soul, Ian Sherwin Gallery, Fireside Restaurant, Galyin Hair Salon, Just Turkey Restaurant, Echo Revelation, Bridgeport Art Center, Adler School of Psychology, Roosevelt Middle School, Talman Elementary, Carter G. Woodson Academy, MurphyHill Gallery to the DuSable 35th annual Art Festival where I received a First Place Award in Fine Art. Recently I had the honor to exhibit work with the Museum of Science and Industry.  Also did a pop-up vending booth with Navy Pier for their Celebrate Africa 2016. 

My journey through art is not over till my work is in a museum’s collection.  Even when that happens my steps to builiding my creative brand will evolve again.  

Eric Formato | Eric Formato, a Chicago-born photographer and digital content creator, draws much of his inspiration from the city– its natural beauty, architectural wonders, and the diversity of its people.

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Beyond his eye for line and form, his technical skills with color saturation and the expressive possibilities of hue shifting, color extraction, geometrical manipulation, and other sophisticated editing techniques creates works both striking and subtle.

While Chicago is fundamental to the “palette” and source material of much of Eric’s work, the interplay of natural elements in clouds and water and shifting seasonal light is what gives his work its soul. Rooted in the natural world and refined through digital technique, Eric’s shots are at once stylized, but somehow intimate: artist and audience experience their world more richly together. He produces abroad as he travels, connecting and helping others to achieve their digital and visual dreams. Connection, diversity, and vibrant open expression are core.

His work– printed on all sorts of materials, from canvas to brushed aluminum— has been featured in artistic and commercial publications, both in print and online, and at art expos, galleries, fundraisers, restaurants/cafes, community centers, and a variety of art/ street festivals.

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