This project teaches you how to make your own mazes that’ll stump everyone who tries them! Follow the steps and see who can solve your maze!


  • Medium – Grades 4-7th
  • Easy – Grades 1-3rd


  1. Graph Paper (if you don’t have some, print it from the computer, or use a ruler and pencil to make some on regular paper!)
  2. Pencil
  3. Pen
  4. Markers or crayons (to decorate)
  5. A family member  (to solve the maze once it’s done!)


Step 1

  • Draw a square about 18-20 spaces wide with two sections open at the top and bottom (Easy Level – for younger kids, do 8-10 spaces wide. See bottom for what that looks like)
  • Draw a line that will be the solution to the maze

Step 2

Make a line one square away from the solution line so you have a path that goes all the way to the end of the maze

Step 3

  • Erase some section of the grid at random places along the path to add some gaps in your solution
  • Use these as openings for false paths.


Step 4

  • Use a black marker to outline the solution to your maze before you add to many false paths
  • Or, use a faint dotted line on the solution so you remember what it is.

Step 5

  • Fill in all the extra area with false paths. Make sure you really confuse people! Twist and turn the paths every which way
  • Just make sure that none of the paths actually lead to the solution.

Step 6

  • Darken all the lines of the maze with a black pen or marker.
  • Make sure there’s a dotted line so you remember the solution to your maze
  • Take a picture, then erase the line!

Step 7

Design a theme for your maze! This one is a trek through a desert with a hover-speeder.


  • For beginners and younger kids, make the maze a bit smaller. Instead of 20 squares, use 8-10.


  • For more advanced learners, consider using up the whole page, or multiple pages to make it even more complex

Learn to make a maze using graph paper! Super fun and easy! Original project by United Art & Education. Youtube link on project page.