Cryptid Challenge

Influenced by the movie “The Boy and the Beast”, I’d like to challenge you all to an Isekai (portal fantasy) challenge that happens in every day life. In most places there are stories called Urban Legends or animals by the name of Cryptids.

In the spirit of the challenge, here’s my very own cryptid timelapse drawing video – with some special pointers about drawing animals!

What is a Cryptid?

It’s a funny word for a creature that hasn’t been proven to be real yet. Some examples you’ve probably heard of are Big Foot the Sasquatch, Moth Man, the Loch Ness Monster, and the Kraken.


  • Pick a cryptid on my list, google, or make up one completely
  • Draw a cryptid and color it so we know how to identify it
    • Extra challenge: draw a Kawaii version of your cryptid
  • Write a story or draw a manga that features your cryptid
    • Did you happen to find it last year on vacation?
    • Did you find a person who spends their whole life looking for it, who disappears, never to be seen again?
    • Or something else entirely! This is your cryptid, your story. How will you make people believe it?


  • paper
  • pencil
  • markers/colored pencils
  • smart phone/access to the internet (for research)

My Cryptid List

Creatures to be Discovered Creatures to be Discovered 2

My Anime Recommendations

Here are two anime that deal with legends and strange monsters. Later, we’ll be learning specifically about Japanese folklore.

A Letter to Momo

The Boy and the Beast